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Can line managers be expected to support neurodiversity?

In the same way we all have different height, weight, hair colour, there is growing recognition for diversity in cognition. The range in neurological profiles is all part of the natural variation of humans, and there is a consistent prevalence of differences (for example, approx. 10% of the population can be expected to demonstrate dyslexia; 2% autism).

Can line managers be expected to support neurodiversity?2021-03-02T10:04:50+00:00

Neurodiversity & Dyslexia: A Closer Look

In terms of neurodiversity and how it is made up the work Mary Colley (referenced in the graphic below) offers a useful framework to better understand what the term ‘neurodiversity’ encompasses.

Neurodiversity & Dyslexia: A Closer Look2022-02-15T09:32:52+00:00
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