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Mosserton Fire & Rescue Service (Telephone Role-play)

Middle Manager

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The context is a fictitious Fire & Rescue Service.


Exercise Timings

Instructions: 20 minutes
Case Study: 20 minutes

Performance in this exercise is measured against the Leadership Qualities: Personal Impact, Outstanding Leadership, Service Delivery, Organisational Effectiveness.


The Candidate assumes the role of a generic Middle Manager in a fictitious Fire & Rescue Service with responsibility for one Wholetime and two On-Call Stations. The candidate needs to address a performance concerns with an on-call Watch Manager. The performance issues relate to reports from the Watch regarding the Watch Manager’s attitude to a number of areas, including a recent house-fire incident, a new initiative being trialled at their station, and towards the development of other on-call firefighters. The candidate will need to discuss these issues and reach agreement on ways forward to facilitate improvement.

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