Fornway Fire & Rescue Service (Multiple Role-play)

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Fornway Fire & Rescue Service (Multiple Role-play)

Supervisory Manager

£95 per candidate.

The context is a fictitious Fire & Rescue Service.


Exercise Timings

Administrator Instructions: 5 minutes
Preparation: 15 minutes
Roleplay: 20 minutes

Performance in this exercise is measured against competencies which include: Effective Communication, Problem Solving and Commitment to Development


The Participant assumes the role of a supervisory manager in a fictitious Fire & Rescue service and hold a ‘collaboration’ sessions with two trainees from their Watch. The Participant will need to use information supplied to identify development needs and risks; propose clear solutions; and create workable plans. The trainees will have their own perspectives to be explored with an aim of establishing common ground and generating improvements. The Participant will have three specific topics to raise and discuss in full.

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