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Community Renew Trust (Written Exercise)

Strategic Manager

£135 per candidate.

This toolkit is set in a fictitious organisation.


Exercise Timings

Administrator instructions: 5 minutes
Written Ex: 90 minutes

Performance in this exercise is measured against PQAs/ competencies which include Commitment to Diversity & Integrity, Planning & Implementing and Political & organisational Awareness.


This toolkit is set in a fictitious organisation, ‘Community Renew Trust’. The CRT is one of several independent UK Charitable Trusts which work in partnership with Landfill Operators (LO) to improve the lives and environments of communities living near a UK landfill site. The 7 pages of background information include details on regulation, funding, values, objectives, organisational chart and summary data.

The candidate assumes the role of Strategic Operations Director. In this task they must draft their observations from the data supplied to inform next month’s first ‘Change Agenda’ management team meeting. Requirements are to provide an evaluation of strengths, risks, compliance issues, opportunities, trends or predictions, performance gaps and proposals, plans or solutions.

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