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Community Renew Trust (Role-play)

Strategic Manager

£135 per candidate.

This toolkit is set in a fictitious organisation.


Exercise Timings

Administrator instructions: 5 minutes
Preparation: 20 minutes
Roleplay: 20 minutes

Performance in this exercise is measured against competencies which include Working with Others, Commitment to Development and Situational Awareness.


This toolkit is set in a fictitious organisation, ‘Community Renew Trust’. The CRT is one of several independent UK Charitable Trusts which work in partnership with Landfill Operators (LO) to improve the lives and environments of communities living near a UK landfill site. The 7 pages of background information include details on regulation, funding, values, objectives, organisational chart and summary data.

As a new in post Strategic Operations Manager at CRT the candidate must address under-performance in their team and any wider impacts which may have been the result.

A concern has been raised regarding the professional ethics of a co-worker by one of the members of their team. The meeting with the individual is not a formal fact finding investigation, but the candidate does need to establish the facts, explore wider implications, address the issues presented and discuss proposals for longer term improvements.

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