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Camsford Water (Role-play)

Strategic Manager

£135 per candidate.

This toolkit is set in a fictitious organisation.


Exercise Timings

Administrator instructions: 5 minutes
Preparation: 20 minutes
Roleplay: 25 minutes

Performance in this exercise is measured against competencies which include Openness to Change, Confidence & Resilience and Situational awareness.


This toolkit is set in a fictitious organisation, ‘Camsford Water’. Camsford Water is one of the leading providers of clean and waste water services in the UK. It has 1500 staff serving the needs of around 800 thousand industrial, commercial and domestic customers in Eastern Scotland. The 5 pages of background information includes values and performance data.

As a new in post Director at Camsford Water the candidate must address issues related to organisational under-performance. In this scenario, diesel fuel leaked from a faulty pump at a local water treatment works which led to contaminated water entering the local water supply. This contravenes safety legislation and Water Regulator standards. Vital emergency protocols were not implemented according to their strict time lines. There has been media interest in the occurrence and there are wider political ramifications. The candidate must meet with the responsible officer on duty during this incident and deal with the issue.

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