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Albershire Fire & Rescue Service (Presentation/ Multiple Roleplay)

Middle Manager

£110 per candidate.

The context is a fictitious Fire & Rescue Service.


Exercise Timings

Administrator’s Instructions: 5 minutes
Preparation: 15 minutes
Roleplay: 25 minutes

This exercise assesses 7 competencies, including: Situational Awareness, commitment to Development and Problem Solving.


In this Middle Manager scenario the Candidate is a contributor within a Working Group on the ‘Workforce Integration’ branch of the ‘Challenge Technology’ initiative.. The Candidate must deliver a short presentation to establish context, objectives and parameters of the Group to two colleagues. They then need to agree priorities and tackle concerns arising from key information and discussion points. The role-players will have their own perspectives and considerations which will need to be carefully navigated in order to gain commitment to the aims of the Working Group and make positive progress for the Initiative.

This exercise works well as part of a suite with Albershire Fire & Rescue Service (Inbox) and Albershire Fire & Rescue Service (Roleplay).

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