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Albershire Fire & Rescue Service (Inbasket)

Middle Manager

£110 per candidate.

The context is a fictitious Fire & Rescue Service.


Exercise Timings

Administrator instructions: 5 minutes
Inbox: 90 minutes

This exercise assesses 8 competencies, including: Commitment to Diversity & Integrity, Problem Solving and Effective Communication.


In this exercise the Candidate takes the role of a generic Station Manager in a fictitious Fire & Rescue Service. They have various sources of background information which they can draw on to inform their tackling of the scenario. There are three tasks, and these include: evaluating a proposal to join a local partnership forum; handling a sensitive issue which has gained the interest of the media; responding to a planning and budgeting project.

This exercise works well as part of a suite with Albershire Fire & Rescue Service (Roleplay) and Albershire Fire & Rescue Service (Presentation Roleplay).

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