We would recommend using The Executive Hire Profile (EHP). This is an objective evaluation of candidates for the role in the context of the organisation’s strategic needs. The EHP provides an understanding of an individual’s psychological make-up, their strengths, potential derailers and their suitability for a specific role, team and culture. The EHP is based on a robust methodology and deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in complex organisations, and the psychology of human behaviour.

This profiling can either be for all short-listed candidates, or for a further short-list of candidates post practical assessment.

Candidates are requested to complete relevant on-line aptitude and personality assessments. In particular for the CFO role, we find the following tools provide a holistic evaluation of individuals:

  • Leadership Judgement Indicator – a situational judgement test that provides information on individual’s preferences or comfort with different leadership styles as well as their judgement of how appropriate each leadership style is according to the task and people.

  • Wave Professional Styles – an assessment tool that identifies best fit environments based on a comprehensive understanding of personal motives, talent and culture. It explores the underlying motives and drivers that underpin successful performance and provides predictive data about where individuals are most likely to thrive and deliver their best performance.

  • Hogan Development Survey – this looks at very specific aspects of personality that leaders may exhibit when under pressure and can negatively influence their interpersonal relationships with others and interfere with the achievement of career goals

Aptitude and personality assessments will be followed up with a validation conversation between the candidates and a leadership Psychologist who will build a picture of the individual’s interpersonal skills, intellectual style and psychological make-up. The output of this stage is an executive summary outlining the individual’s:

  • Intellectual functioning in terms of overall capacity and style of thinking.

  • Motivation make-up and interpersonal style.

  • Leadership style.

  • Strengths & potential derailers.

  • Interview questions and probes for the assessment process/ final panel.

A comprehensive performance report will be provided post-assessment.

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