Join our Development Group!

We have formed partnerships with a number of FRS to helps us ensure our FRS specific assessment tools are current, thoroughly researched and highly relevant. It’s a unique concept and shows that when we say ‘we value a partnership approach,’ we prove it through the professional practice choices we make! This is a great way for FRS HR/ L&D managers to have their say over the materials they want to use in their organisation, and to build collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships. We are open to feedback, opinions and requests, and take genuine pleasure in working with your team in a more personal and authentic way.

Participating FRS get to influence content and scenarios, making them highly relevant to your organisation. It’s like getting bespoke tools designed, without the price-tag!

What we need

To develop new tools we need volunteers for tasks such as:

  • short, telephone job analysis interviews
  • fact-checking exercises
  • giving feedback and ‘sense-checking’ exercises
  • answering questions on technical or specific organisational details,
  • trialling (a good development opportunity!)

None of these tasks take too long, particular when spread over a number of people, but this input is the reason our exercises are the Number 1 assessment choice for the UK FRS.

How you do it

Email us and we will add you to the membership portal. In there you will see latest project details, timelines and what help we need.

Current Members

This online exercise is for individuals who lack confidence about a forthcoming written/ inbox assessment, or who were unsuccessful at this element of their assessment and need guidance to improve how they communicate in writing. This practice test and personalised feedback service offers ideal support for anyone looking to step up to the next managerial level but for whom communicating in writing represents challenges.

A situational judgement test assesses how well a candidate’s attitudes and behaviours match desired criteria. It is often used as part of an organisation’s selection process. This online practice test gives applicants an opportunity to learn what format the questions may take, and provides an insight into how they performance. Following completion, the testing system details which items they scored correctly and which were incorrect. Detailed explanations of incorrect answers offer support for learning and development.


This excellent, short online training develops leadership and management skills using interactive exercises, case studies, quizzes, real-life stories, fact sheets, interviews, exercises, examples, checklists and videos to keep users interested, motivated and constantly learning. This course can be used by individuals seeking to improve their performance in advance of assessment activity, or by managers looking for new ways to develop the capabilities of their team without relying on traditional trainings.