We offer coaching services in a number of ways:


Developmental Feedback Sessions

After candidates have completed CPG assessments, our team of psychologist assessors can offer feedback and coaching on performance linked to the leadership behaviours.


Developmental Coaching – Career & performance coaching training for line managers

Line managers are at the forefront of providing career development and guidance for their team, and using coaching techniques is one of the most effective ways of doing so. Our course works with small groups of line managers over two days, covering how to explore career aspirations, feedback on performance, constructively challenge unhelpful beliefs or behaviours, identify strengths, respond to motivations and generate creative and supported career pathways, for green and grey book staff.

The course teaches theory and techniques, and uses practice sessions and feedback to help managers build confidence and competence to deliver this important role. The result is line managers who are equipped to use a collaborative approach to creating developmental solutions with a focus on well-being and contribution.


Individual Performance Coaching

Whether you are seeking help to overcome barriers to promotion or need some clarity over future direction, our psychologists are experts at working with individuals in a supportive, collaborative and gently challenging way. Our intervention is focused on ensuring you get the very best out of your behaviour, goals and career, even if you need help uncovering exactly what these might be!

Usually over 6 sessions of 45 minutes – our psychologists will guide you to identify your priorities and obstacles, the behaviours which are supporting your progression and those which are holding you back, what fulfills you and what depletes your energy and wellbeing. Our team is intuitive and practical, helping you to recognise underlying motivations (which can serve or derail you) and support you to understand the path and actions which are most beneficial for your development.