A ‘Career Progression Gateway’ (CPG) is an on-line assessment to evaluate performance. This system is straight-forward, candidate-friendly and intuitive, removing much of the stress associated with assessment events for all involved. The CPG ‘brings to life’ assessment activity through interactive and relevant tasks that both candidates and organisations will be able to relate to.

The CPGs are based on the NFCC Leadership Quality Framework, assessing each of the four leadership areas in depth.

Key Benefits

  • System simplicity, accessibility and low cost. It is easy to apply and adaptable

  • Internal staff time dramatically reduced (the CPG can be run with one internal administrator)

  • Assessments are done remotely by occupational psychologist assessors, removing the burden on internal staff to be trained and diverted from normal duties to complete time-consuming assessments

  • No printing required

  • Timetabling will be handled via an online appointment booking service which candidates can access

  • Flexibility for candidates- they can book different activities to suit their schedule

  • Transparent costs – fees are charged per candidate per exercise removing hidden expense

  • Results reports will be generated automatically, providing organisations with a spreadsheet of scores within a short-time frame from final assessment completion

  • Detailed feedback reports will be generated for each candidate, including a personalised psychological evaluation of strengths and development needs, plus suggestions for next steps in developing potential and skills

  • All activities will meet British Psychological Society best practice guidelines for assessment and development. The CPGs have been designed by a team of Occupational Psychologists with in-depth FRS knowledge and experience.


There is the option to include up to four activities in each CPG. These will be set within a relevant context (FRS-based for Group Manager and below, and an external, parallel organisation for Area Manager level assessments).

The Case Study Exercise

This on-line exercise will provide the candidate with a number of pieces of information and clear guidelines on their tasks.

Depending on the level it may be a letter/ article, a proposal and a recommendation (Crew and Watch Manager), or an analysis, a strategy and a programme/ initiative (Group and Area Manager*) (*Station Manager activities will be a combination of these activities as relevant to the level.)

Candidates will read the information on a computer via their personal ‘gateway’ screen, through which all of their assessment activities will be managed.  They will access this via registration details which will be supplied.  They can then use their personal log-in for their further assessment activities. Candidates will type their responses into an assigned box. The case study exercise will be timed (via a countdown clock).

crew manager case study

Candidates who request it can hand-write their answers (although FRS’s will need to allow us some extra time for marking and producing final results.) The finished responses will be assessed remotely by external occupational psychologists and scores added to the final results spreadsheets. Candidate feedback on performance will be supplied within the final feedback report. Completed assessment screens (candidate responses and assessor evaluations) can be accessed by Learning & Development/ HR personnel.

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The Roleplay Exercise

Candidates will choose/ be assigned a time to attend for this telephone roleplay. They will need a phone (mobile or landline) and computer in a quiet and private workplace environment. They will read exercise information by logging into their personal gateway screen.

woman on headset

Following time for reading the scenario information (timed, approximately twenty minutes) an assessor will telephone the candidate and the roleplay will commence. The roleplay will be timed from when the candidate answers the phone. The assessor will take notes during the interaction and present lines from their script. They will assess the candidate’s performance after the telephone call is completed using a scoring framework and adding their own notes. Completed assessments can be accessed by Learning & Development/ HR personnel. Candidate feedback will be provided within their final feedback report.

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The Values Assessment

Prior to the interview each candidate will be required to log into their personal gateway screen and complete a short values assessment.

This will be based on brief scenarios which the candidate will need to evaluate. The results of this will generate person specific questions which will be used during the interview. The results of the Values Assessment will not be considered as part of the final results reporting but will be included in the feedback report and can be used for developmental purposes. The results of this questionnaire will be available to the interview team.

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The Interview

The interview will be the only exercise of the CPG managed in-house and face-to-face. External interviewers/ assessors can be provided, although traditionally FRS’s prefer to use their own trained personnel for this final stage of assessment.

Personalised values-based questions will be supplied to complement existing questions; these will depend on the results from the Values Assessment.

Online assessment screen
Online assessment screen
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