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We are experts in designing Assessment / Development Centre (ADC) Exercise Toolkits.

We’ve supplied assessment materials to more than 20 Fire & Rescue Services.

Our toolkits have been used for selection/ promotion processes from Crew to Area Commander Level.

We have supported FRS assessment activity since 2002.

Designed for organisations looking for assessment of behavioural competencies and values as part of their selection process, our ADC toolkits generally include an inbox (written exercise at strategic), a one to one meeting roleplay and a group meeting/ presentation roleplay. Each exercise allows assessors to evaluate candidates across a range of relevant competencies to gain a valid and reliable insight into their potential for successful performance at a more senior level.

We supply existing toolkits/exercises for a per candidate price. This works if you are new to us and haven’t used our exercises before or have only used one set of tools but there are new ones available to you. You can browse our library of tools and choose the ones which suit you.

To learn more about these exercises and gain access to examples, templates and guidance documents, please register your interest to join the members area of the site by emailing us here

Don’t forget…
These sorts of assessments aren’t just about selection and promotion. They also play a vital role in evaluating development needs and directing future organisational activity. Large organisations seeking to develop their management capabilities internally will often use this type of assessment as it shows where talent lies, where it needs to be developed or where it might need to be re-deployed. Find out more by reading our Case Studies.

As a robust means of selecting the right person to join your organisation or be promoted within it, you can’t beat assessment centres. They are the most accurate and reliable way of evaluating the skills and personal attributes of your candidates. And we have a wealth of targeted experience of designing and delivering ADC exercises for the UK Fire & Rescue Service.

To learn more about these exercises and gain access to examples, templates and guidance documents, please register your interest by emailing us here.

If you wish to assess different competencies or include additional criteria, set the exercises in a different context, use different types of exercises or commission exercises which are unique to your organisation, bespoke ADC tool design may also be right for you. Bespoke exercises take into account your culture, competencies and objectives.

We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to create robust simulation exercises to mirror the key aspects of your management roles.

Design fee
We design bespoke exercises where your organisation influences design and pays a one off single use fee. This works well if you have already used all of our existing tools and wish to commission new ones, or if you have specific preferences – a presentation instead of a roleplay, or a group discussion instead of a multiple roleplay for instance.
Fitting your needs
For a range of reasons organisations don’t always want to opt for a full assessment centre. They may choose to use one or two job simulation exercises instead. These may be used in conjunction with existing processes like technical exams, psychometric tests or interviews. Job simulations usually focus on competencies, examining interpersonal skills and natural aptitudes.

Job simulation exercises can take the form of:

  • Role-plays
  • Group exercises
  • Written, in-basket or case study exercises
  • Analysis exercises
  • Presentations
  • Another type of exercise which is growing in popularity is the Situational or Managerial judgement Test (SJT or MJT).

Working in partnership with you
We work in partnership with FRS organisations from the research to final testing phases to ensure our exercises are what you need- realistic, relevant and fit for purpose. We start by speaking to your teams via job analysis interviews; the end result is a suite of bespoke exercises of your preference, often in a FRS context (although not exclusively).

Single exercises
We provide exercises either in combination as a full assessment or development centre, or to ‘stand-alone’. Single exercises can be useful if you are looking to simply refresh one aspect of your assessment process, or if you are looking for one additional element to supplement an existing testing method.

Organisations using our exercises/ toolkits often choose our team to facilitate the event. This not only ensures the ADC’s smooth running but also handles time consuming aspects such as timetabling, resource allocation and staff briefings.

Running an assessment centre can seem a little daunting if it isn’t something you do on a regular basis. We can handle as much or as little of the set up as you need. If you want to outsource the whole thing and just get a list of detailed results at the end, leave it to us. We have assessors, an experienced admin team, years of experience and the get up and go for the whole process to be handled seamlessly.

If you would like a more hands-on approach we fit effortlessly into your team to get the project done. We can even train up your staff in some of the tips and techniques we have learnt over the years so any assessments you want to tackle on your own in the future will run like clockwork. Find out more by reading our Case Studies.

For more information on the benefits of using an external centre manager please register or log in to our members’ area.

We can supply professional assessors to either fit into your assessment team or take full responsibility for this task.

More and more organisations are choosing not to tie up internal staff resources in time consuming assessment processes, instead outsourcing to our highly skilled team.

Our assessors:

  • Produce detailed and objective assessments which clearly identify where criteria are being met
  • Provide detailed evidence to explain where performance needs development
  • Assessments are written in a way to facilitate development
  • Don’t need checking or supervision- they can simply arrive at your venue and jump straight in
  • Need less time to do their write ups
  • Produce better quality and detail to recorded evidence
  • Liaise with role-players to ensure consistency
  • Produce detailed feedback reports on performance
  • Can assess more candidates in a day than in-house assessors
  • Support administrators for the event by understanding exactly what is required
  • Remain at the venue until the work is complete, irrespective of time
  • Contribute openly to client ‘wash-up’ discussions
Written exercise performance is often an essential part of managerial assessment, but marking of these papers is time-consuming and laborious.

Our team mark and return written/ inbox papers within a short time frame.

We provide comprehensive evaluations with detailed, evidence based notes.

Our assessments can be used for feedback.

This is one of our most popular services; our clients have included Bedfordshire FRS, Surrey FRS, Oxfordshire FRS
Northamptonshire FRS and Royal Berkshire FRS.

For more information on how our marking service works please register or log in to our members’ area.

One of the most under-used aspects of an assessment process is comprehensive feedback reporting.

Our personalised 12-16 page developmental reports are designed to support the candidate and line manager to focus in-depth on the individual’s strengths and development needs, with suggestions of next steps.


  • Full details of ADC performance
  • A summary of key strengths and development needs
  • An analysis of trends
  • Insights into core behaviours
  • Developmental planning guidance

Organisations often fail to capitalise on the assessment information at their fingertips. Shortage of time can mean that ADC performance is reduced simply to the scores- and what these actually represent can be overlooked.

‘I’ve read through the reports you have sent so far and they are clear and concise to understand so this should help when providing the feedback.’

Mick Berry, Group Manager
Northants FRS

New techniques in performance reporting

We have a unique way of drawing all this information together and making it useable. We don’t produce meaningless, generic performance reports. Our psychologists look for patterns in behaviour and suggest the best courses of action to address these. We focus on strengths and how these can be used to maximise performance, as well as analysing development areas and suggesting how these can be improved. We give you a road map to move your staff towards much better performance. And if you aren’t sure if your line managers will quite know what to do with this information, we can train them to.