We design on and off-line Assessment Exercises for use in identifying managerial potential, promotions and succession planning.

We’ve supplied assessment materials to more than 20 Fire & Rescue Services since 2002.

Our materials have been used for selection/promotion processes from Supervisory to Strategic Manager Level.

Our assessment exercises can be based around the criteria you need- whether that is the latest in Leadership frameworks, traditional competency models, or a mixture, incorporating your own organisation’s values, competency and strength-based requirements.

We have a range of assessment exercises from our NEW Career Progression Gateway online assessment tools to our traditional paper-based exercise toolkits.

Our exercises include written exercises (inbox and case studies), roleplays (face to face , telephone and group), and a values questionnaire.

Each exercise allows assessors (internal to your organisation or our highly experienced team) to evaluate candidates across a range of relevant criteria to gain a valid and reliable insight into their potential for successful performance at a more senior level.

We supply exercises for a per candidate price, making our tools and services affordable and transparent, with no hidden or unexpected costs. You can browse our library of tools and choose the ones which suit you.

To learn more about these exercises and gain access to examples, templates and guidance documents, please register your interest to join the members area of the site by emailing us here.

Don’t forget…

These sorts of assessments aren’t just about selection and promotion. They also play a vital role in evaluating development needs and directing future organisational activity. Large organisations seeking to develop their management capabilities internally will often use this type of assessment as it shows where talent lies, where it needs to be developed or where it might need to be re-deployed. Find out more by reading about our Client Projects.

As a robust means of selecting the right person to join your organisation or be promoted within it, you can’t beat professionally-designed, specifically targeted assessment exercises. They are the most accurate and reliable way of evaluating the skills, values and qualities of your candidates. We have a wealth of experience of designing and delivering assessment exercises for the UK Fire & Rescue Service.

To learn more about these exercises and gain access to examples, templates and guidance documents, please register your interest by emailing us here.