This is just one of the clients we have supplied outsource marking services to year after year.

Key advantages

  • Quick turn-around of results. We can return final results within one week of receiving completed exercises (with sufficient notice).

  • Professional and streamlined service based on a broad experience of working effectively with FRS clients on similar projects

  • Assessors are occupational psychologists with years of FRS experience

  • Short or longer feedback reports delivered as required

  • Cost effective

  • Avoids extra workload on internal staff and disruption of normal operations

  • Anonymous, objective marking

  • Second assessor quality assurance provided

  • We have strict double checking mechanisms to ensure all reported results are accurate.



  • Staff at Surrey FRS book us for marking of in-basket exericses, informing us which days assessment will run.

  • We book assessors and agree a timeframe for results

  • Administrators scan handwritten papers and email them to us for marking as each assessment is completed. These papers are anonymous i.e. numbered only. This method reduces the possibility of error (i.e. papers lost in the post) and bias, and reduces the time it takes us to produce final results

  • All assessments are typed onto score sheets for review

  • Typed feedback reports are then created for each candidate to receive after their results

Simply sending the papers to us and having them professionally marked and swiftly returned, complete with detailed and developmental feedback report, can make all the difference to the workload and morale of internal staff.

“We use an exclusively designed template to efficiently produce personalised feedback reports. The focus is on development; user-friendly suggestions are provided to guide future behaviour”

Other clients using our efficient, professional marking services:

Cleveland, Humberside, Bedfordshire, Mid & West Wales, Surrey, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Nottinghamshire, Royal Berkshire and Devon & Somerset.

“….I will certainly send you some very positive feedback! Thanks very much for your patience and services”

Leslie Butcher, Humberside FRS

We work with a team of Occupational Psychologist associates to mark in-basket exercises, application forms and strategic level reports.

We provide a highly efficient service for high volume campaigns (Supervisory and Middle Manager) and for lower candidate numbers such as for Strategic written assessments.