Our easy and cost effective outsource service reduces the burden on internal resources and the disruption ADC marking causes to normal operations. We have professionally managed the assessment centre process to support several Fire & Rescue Services including Royal Berkshire (RBFRS).

With RBFRS we liaised closely with their HR team to identify a solution which fitted their needs, budget and resources.


The final package of support agreed on for their Supervisory assessment included:

  • A review of the application process with amendments made to the application form

  • Marking of application forms

  • Feedback reports on application forms

  • Pre-ADC candidate workshops

  • Occupational psychologist assessors for the ADC

  • Provision of 3 exercise toolkits

  • Marking of in-baskets

  • Management of the ADC, working with and guiding an internal administrator

  • Compilation of scores and final results

  • Liaison with role-player supplier

  • Provision of 12 page developmental feedback reports

Notebook and laptop

All work was completed to the agreed timeline, with additional discussion and liaison between us and HR throughout, on topics ranging from timetabling, potential conflicts with representative bodies, dyslexia adjustments and the validity of an appeal. Both parties were keen to deliver a model which worked best for the client, and the final package reflected that. We were able to share all our best tips for maximising efficiency plus take much of the stress out of the assessment/ promotions process for internal staff.

We went on to deliver a further two ADCs for RBFRS after the initial project was completed.

“Thanks for your help over the last 4 months it has been a steep learning curve and very useful”

Jacky Manning , Senior HR Adviser