VCA has run Pre- ADC Developmental Workshops for Northamptonshire (Supervisory and Middle Manager Level) in 2017, 2016 and 2014.

‘I was really impressed with the work some of the candidates had done on the back of the briefing sessions e.g. practising role play with their partners on long drives, and the one station where there appeared to be strong support for the group of ADC candidates there practising things together.’

Kathy De Beer, VCA Associate


  • Explain the purpose and format of an ADC
  • Improve perceptions and understanding of the ADC process
  • Listen and respond to concerns
  • Guide participants on how to prepare for their ADC
  • Promote discussion on positive workplace behaviours
  • Facilitate ‘maximum performance’ of participants at the ADC
  • Enhance candidate experience of the ADC event.

We did this by:

  • Familiarising candidates with the ADC process and what to expect
  • Allowing open, facilitated discussion of concerns and preconceptions
  • Encouraging candidates to identify their own examples of positive performance and discussing how to translate this to workplace behaviours
  • Providing strategies for maximising performance and avoiding frequently made mistakes
  • Improving attitudes towards this type of assessment and engendering greater acceptance of results
  • Clarifying why a competency/ behavioural approach to assessing management potential is effective
  • Giving opportunities for practice of different types of exercise
  • Providing opportunities for debate/ discussion around develop issues and feedback

Our workshop improves your candidates confidence in both the ADC process and their ability to demonstrate their own potential

Attendee Satisfaction
Reduction in ADC drop out rate
Increase in Candidate Performance

Key benefits of in-depth pre-ADC workshops:

  • Candidates feel empowered to manage their own performance
  • Candidates are more receptive to the PQAs as a useable and helpful tool, which they can use to develop appropriate behaviours in their teams
  • Candidates are able to review their own performance against the PQAs and understand their own strengths/development needs more fully
  • Candidates are better equipped to make sense of their ADC feedback reports and apply the learning to the workplace
  • Higher candidate morale is facilitated i.e. less likelihood of grievances or disengagement following an unsuccessful result

“90% of attendees felt that the workshop had a positive effect on their performance and improved their confidence in both the ADC process and their ability to demonstrate their own potential.”