Norfolk recognised that their Watch and Station Managers were often put in the difficult position of being asked by members of their crew, ‘what can you do to help me prepare for my ADC? How can I improve my chances of promotion?’ and not knowing how to answer.

We suggested holding half day training workshops to address concerns, explain procedures and equip these managers with the knowledge and skills they needed to effectively support their teams.

Key elements of the half day workshops:

  • Explain why we use ADCs and shed light on what is covered in the different exercises.
  • Describe the benefits of strong competency/ PQA performance for future managers, and within existing roles.
  • Cover what individuals need to do to perform well at the ADC and in post – and how managers can facilitate this.
  • Discuss creative solutions to developing management and competency skills on the Watch.
Workshops delivered

Train Your Managers To Support The ADC Process

Key Successes

The attendees were largely resistant to the concept of the ADC. By the end of the session they were significantly more positive about the process.
There was a marked shift in attitude towards competencies/ PQAs. The attendees were able to identify critical workplace incidents and how the PQAs fitted into their success. They recognised the value of this type of activity to generate interest/explain relevance to their Watch.
Attendees explored the role of balanced, constructive feedback and discussed methods of delivering this informally to review successes and learning points daily.
As managers, the attendees felt better equipped to provide guidance, support and accurate advice to members of the Watch seeking career progression. As potential candidates, these individuals felt more prepared to consider attending an assessment for promotion themselves.
“I have a much better understanding of the PQAs now, and the ADC process.

Thank you for making it much clearer, I feel it will help me in my role tremendously.”

Anonymous, Evaluation form feedback post workshop