In March we conducted a CPG assessment process for the position of Group Manager.

  • 14 candidates

  • Three days

  • Role-play: 2 assessors

  • Case study: 2 assessors

The Group Manager assessment used the CPG Leadership Quality assessment.  This comprised a written case study and a roleplay facilitated via on-line exercise information and a telephone call. Both were set in a fictious FRS context.

For the Role-play exercise, Candidates had 20 minutes to prepare a relevant response to a concern outlined in information provided. They then received a telephone call from one of our psychologists, in role as the candidate’s ‘supervisor’. The candidate presented their views, strategies and solutions to their ‘supervisor’ and then responded to questions. The telephone call lasted up to 25 minutes.

The Case Study exercise was a timed, on-line assessment in which the candidates were supplied with exercise data and asked how they would tackle the related problems.

The timetable allowed us to assess 14 candidates over 3 days, using 2 assessors per exercise. The results and developmental feedback reports were returned a week later, enabling the client to rapidly progress to their final interviewing stage.

Client and candidate feedback was positive and acknowledged how assessment procedures have adapted in light of the pandemic. Candidates praised the content of the exercises and the structure of the CPG system.