We have developed two comprehensive e-learning courses for online training provider Sendero Ltd.

Sendero Ltd develops career potential by providing information about specific career choices and coaching clients to succeed at recruitment events.

Via e-learning, Sendero’s objective was to offer an alternative to its popular live training events.

The e-course needed to provide:

  • a realistic preview into the role

  • useful information about the job and industry to inform their career decisions

  • a deeper understanding of key factors such as brands, values, ethos and responsibilities

  • insight into the application process for their chosen field

  • guidance on how to improve performance at selection and assessment events

The training needed to be accessible to applicants in a variety of locations with a range of backgrounds and English language proficiency.

The E-Learning Course

Each course contains 9 modules, including:

  • Module 1 – Course Introduction
    Case studies, a quiz and key information
  • Module 2 – The Industry/ Profession
    The industry/ profession, brands and corporate identity, questionnaires, quizzes and useful info boxes
  • Module 3 – The role
    Essential information on priorities, roles and responsibilities. Plus, critical information on specialist procedures and behind-the-scenes dealing with difficult scenarios
  • Module 4 – How to be a stand-out candidate
    Exploring performance, behaviour and assessment criteria
  • Module 5 – Applying for the job
    Tips, do’s & don’ts, helpful short exercises, checklists and games
  • Module 6 – The Assessment Day
    Assessment information to improve confidence and understanding of the event. Includes knowledge tests, performance improvement strategies and real-life examples
  • Module 7 – The Interview
    Covers questions, format and performance. Includes practice questions and answer guidance
  • Module 8 – Course Certificate
    Complete the final course test to earn a certificate.
  • Module 9 – next steps…
    Congratulations, accountability and motivation for next steps.

These e-courses have been sold to more than 1000 customers in two years. They are hosted on VCA Ltd’s Entrada assessment and coaching platform.

“I was incredibly impressed with the course VCA delivered for us and from beginning to end the process of working with them was smooth, fast and professional. The end result has been a product that meets our needs exactly – comprehensive, user friendly and perfectly tailored to our customers who have given us very positive feedback on the course”
Donata Caira, Content Manager, Sendero Ltd


The investment depends on content needs, format and length of the course

Complete hosted solutions range from £5000 to £15000