We have delivered interview skills training to several different FRS’s. What made this project unique was that the training was delivered to a small group of local councillors and senior internal personnel who were going to be involved in Brigade Manager Appointments. The PQA based interview was one part of a broader process.

The training:

  • We described the usefulness of a more structured approach to interviewing, and the benefits of having clear criteria.

  • We presented the concept behind PQAs/ competencies and discussed their relevance.

  • We discussed potential sources of bias and how to avoid them.

  • We practised using standardised approaches to interviewing to draw detailed answers from candidates.

  • We used the scoring criteria to assess mock candidates – using evidence based valuations.



The council participants found the training informative and worthwhile. It helped them clarify what they needed from the candidates’ performance, gain an understanding of the benefits of a standardised approach and commit to generating transparent and evidence-based evaluations.

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