Many services follow a standard model for assessments; however some have their own preferences and organisational requirements. We meet these by adapting existing exercises for different uses and developing bespoke exercises based on client needs.


  • Cambridgeshire required four assessment exercises at supervisory level- group discussion; in-basket; crew managers meeting; presentation.

  • The ADC needed to be set in a realistic FRS environment with candidates assuming generic FRS roles.

  • The ADC used external assessors in conjunction with internal FRS assessors



With greater freedoms regarding ADC format, many FRS are considering the use of an internal context in their assessments. The internal context is regarded favourably by candidates, who appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a familiar context.

With VCA designing the presentation and group discussion exercises validity was increased, meaning that best practice was achieved whilst client requirements were also met.

“Thank you for your help and assistance during our ADC’s, all the assessors commented on how much they enjoyed working with your team”

Chris Parker, Cambridgeshire FRS