Group Manager CPG Assessment


In March we conducted a CPG assessment process for the position of Group Manager. 14 candidates Three days Role-play: 2 assessors Case study: 2 assessors The Group Manager assessment used the CPG Leadership Quality assessment.  This comprised a written case study and a roleplay facilitated via on-line exercise information [...]

Fire Service College – Firefighter Selection


With many FRS altering their selection processes to include more and varied stages, VCA have teamed up with the Fire Service College to provide additional targeted exercises to help identity applicant potential. The Community Exercise The exercise is a practical combination of comprehension, presentation and roleplay exercise, covering six competency/ PQA areas from Problem [...]

Lancashire FRS – Middle Manager Online Assessment


Using the VCA Career Progression Gateway - Middle Manager Online Assessment Process Project summary The VCA ‘Career Progression Gateway’ on-line assessment system allows FRS personnel at all levels to be assessed for career development more simply and cost-effectively. It does this by minimising the use of FRS time [...]

Nottinghamshire FRS – Bespoke Group and Area Manager ADCs.


Nottinghamshire wanted to evaluate candidate performance against the PQAs, but also factor in the newly developed organisational values into the assessment criteria. Nottinghamshire used a multiple roleplay and in-box exercise supplied by VCA, in addition to internally developed presentation and interview exercises as an ADC. We adapted the inbox exercise to a report format [...]

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