One of the most under-used aspects of an assessment process is comprehensive feedback reporting.

Our personalised 12-16 page developmental reports are designed to support the candidate and line manager to focus in-depth on the individual’s strengths and development needs, with suggestions of next steps.


  • Full details of assessment performance
  • A summary of key strengths and development needs
  • An analysis of trends
  • Insights into core behaviours
  • Developmental planning guidance

Organisations often fail to capitalise on the assessment information at their fingertips. Shortage of time can mean that assessment performance is reduced simply to the scores- and what these actually represent can be overlooked.

‘I’ve read through the reports you have sent so far and they are clear and concise to understand so this should help when providing the feedback.’

Mick Berry, Group Manager
Northants FRS

New techniques in performance reporting

We have a unique way of drawing all this information together and making it useable. We don’t produce meaningless, generic performance reports. Our psychologists look for patterns in behaviour and suggest the best courses of action to address these. We focus on strengths and how these can be used to maximise performance, as well as analysing development areas and suggesting how these can be improved. We give you a road map to move your staff towards much better performance. And if you aren’t sure if your line managers will quite know what to do with this information, we can train them to.

Have you considered an online assessment?

Using assessors remotely and managing your assessments online is the best way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and streamline processes.
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