What do the candidates think of the CPG?

The feedback from the 100's of candidates who have sat the CPG has been very positive, you can see the CPG Candidate Feedback Statistics for 2021 here or the previous year of 2020 here.

What do the candidates think of the CPG?2022-02-16T10:49:28+00:00

What about adverse impact?

Our clients are satisfied that there are no adverse impacts on candidates from minority groups. “With regard to adverse impact...it’s been pleasing to see that we’ve had females pass, people with reasonable adjustments and candidates with a wide range of length of service.” Donna Trowsdale, Shropshire Later this year we should have enough data to [...]

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Are there reasonable adjustments for neuro-diverse candidates?

Of course! We will work with you to determine what extra support your neuro-diverse candidates may need. Reasonable adjustments can range from extra time, coloured screens to audio instructions and verbal dictation of answers. It's important we make sure all of your candidates reach their full potential and are given equal opportunity to perform their [...]

Are there reasonable adjustments for neuro-diverse candidates?2022-02-15T10:38:01+00:00

Can we see how it all works?

Yes, you can have a system ‘tour’ to see how all the pieces come together in practice. Simply drop us an email and we can send to full details.

Can we see how it all works?2020-10-16T10:12:35+00:00

Will prices remain the same?

We offer a 3 year fixed price contract, which enables clients to forward plan their budget, and can estimate cost savings over three years to enable you to securely reinvest budget savings, without having to hold back contingency to accommodate future price raises.

Will prices remain the same?2020-10-16T10:11:26+00:00

Can we use our own assessors?

Yes. We offer a training package that allows your own, in-house assessors to learn how to use the CPG system, after which they can then manage the process independently. We would supply log in details to the system and provide final results once the assessments are all complete.

Can we use our own assessors?2022-02-15T10:23:03+00:00

Are there any extra costs?

There is a project management fee of 10% added to each on-site project (off-site CPGs have a 12.5% fee applied to cover the additional IT support required). This covers a dedicated Project Manager on hand to liaise throughout the duration of the project, to assist with timetabling, IT support before and during assessments. To enhance [...]

Are there any extra costs?2022-02-15T10:17:18+00:00

What’s the break-down of the costings?

The charge is per exercise per candidate. If we take Crew to Station level assessments, each exercise costs £325 + VAT (£650 for both exercises per candidate). This is for a best practice, professionally designed and validated assessments, using qualified external assessors and a bespoke IT platform. The cost covers: • Assessment/ marking (takes up [...]

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Do the exercises measure the Leadership Qualities?

Yes, all of the exercises measure the NFCC LQs on a 0-3 scale, which makes it easier to convert these to percentage scores (which are a bit more straightforward to interpret).

Do the exercises measure the Leadership Qualities?2020-10-16T10:01:17+00:00
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