Our online assessment portal for Career Progression Gateway (CPG) has been designed specifically for use in the UK FRS.

The exercises are set in a fictitious, relevant context, using the four NFCC Leadership Quality criteria:

  • Personal Impact
  • Outstanding Leadership
  • Service Delivery
  • Organisational Effectiveness

Community Exercise

The community exercise is a practical combination of comprehension, presentation and role-play. Candidates have 20 minutes to read and evaluate supplied information about a ‘Community Support Team’ and prepare a short presentation to discuss chosen options with an assessor assuming the role of team supervisor.

Community Support Team – Marshton

The context is in a fictitious Organisation.


The candidate assumes the role of a newly appointed member of a Community Support Team. The candidate must respond to their supervisor’s request asking for their help to decide which community projects to focus on. The candidate should outline their ideas and make suggestions for managing workload and working within a team.

Selection Interview

The interview includes four main behavioural questions with additional probing questions to draw out further behavioural evidence. The final two questions examine ‘motivation fit’, exploring applicants’ understanding of the role and how they could potentially contribute.