With our catalogue of professionally designed, tried and tested off-the-shelf exercises, you can choose to run your assessment activity on-line through our Career Progression Gateway internet-based system, or off-line (paper-based for internal administration).

The online exercises use our Career Progression Gateway system which allows your candidates to complete the assessment exercises remotely, or at your chosen testing centre with minimal requirement for administrative support (and no assessors or role-players required.

The off-line, or ‘Paper-based’ exercises can be used either one-to-one or as part of a traditional assessment centre. You will receive the exercises and all support materials required to assess candidates at a chosen venue, and the testing session will be administrated and assessed on site (with role-players required).

Choose your option below to see a brief overview of the exercises at the different levels. For more in-depth summaries and discussion of your requirements please contact us.