We have now launched our Career Progression Gateway Online Assessment System.
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 for a streamlined and cost-efficient online assessment for team leader, supervisory, managerial and executive positions.

Our Exercise catalogue details the assessment products we have for both Health & Emergency Services clients and a broader range of public and private sector organisations.

Our assessment exercises measure leadership and general management competencies, and can be used as part of an assessment centre suite, stand-alone or as an addition to existing set of tests used within an organisation.

The exercises are targeted for different levels and positions, using general management scenarios and contexts. These exercises allow clients to assess the suitability and potential of their candidates for a range of roles by identifying core behaviours and leadership styles. The exercises can be used in conjunction with detailed, development feedback reports to assist the career progression of internal staff, or as best practice recruitment support for external applicants.

Please choose from the boxes below to view our General Management exercises or our Fire & Rescue Service exercises. For more in-depth summaries and discussion of your requirements please contact us.