We have set up an Assessment Forum to work in partnership with our FRS clients and colleagues, and would love you to join us!

What is it?

The Assessment Forum consists of FRS assessment/ development professionals from all over the UK who contribute to and influence the development of FRS specific tools and exercises for use in selection/ promotions.

Why get involved?

You get to influence exercise content i.e. the topics are relevant to your organisation

You get to check if the materials are realistic and will seem valid and acceptable to your candidates

You can collaborate with us over what works and doesn’t and we can act on your feedback, so you get exactly what you need

Your staff get a chance to be heard and be involved in the development of assessment materials which can otherwise seem to be somewhat disconnect from the realities of FRS functioning

It’s a unique concept and shows that when we say ‘we value a partnership approach’ we really do!

This is a great way for FRS HR/ L&D managers to have their say over the materials they want to use in their organisation, and to build working relationships. We are open to feedback, opinions and requests, and take genuine pleasure in working with your team in a more collaborative and open way.

“The exercises used from VCA have been realistic and relevant to a modern day fire and rescue service. Access to complete the materials online has been simple and easy to navigate. It has been a pleasure working with VCA to trial and develop the new materials based on the NFCC Leadership Framework”
Donna Trowsdale, Development Officer, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service

What we need

To develop new tools we need volunteers for tasks such as:

  • Short, telephone job analysis interviews
  • Fact-checking exercises
  • Giving feedback and ‘sense-checking’ exercises
  • Answering questions on technical or specific organisational details,
  • Trialling (a good development opportunity!)

None of these tasks take too long, particular when spread over a number of people, but this input is the reason our exercises are the Number 1 assessment choice for the UK FRS.

How you do it

Contact us and we will add you to the membership portal. Or, if you already have an account you can login here. In there you will see latest project details, timelines and what help we need.

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