After they have completed each of the 2 exercises, we ask candidates to complete a survey for us. There are several questions about their experience and we ask for their ratings in relation to interest level, challenge, relevance, applicability to role, use of the CPG system. This feedback helps us keep an eye on what we are doing right and where we can improve, and is crucial to making sure we are meeting the candidates’, as well as the organisation’s, needs.

CPG Role Play: Candidate Survey Results


I found the exercise interesting.

CPG feedback - roleplay

I found the exercise challenging.

CPG feedback - roleplay

I believe the exercise gave me the chance to demonstrate non-operational skills and abilities.

CPG feedback - roleplay

CPG Case Study: Candidate Survey Results


I understand what skills the exercise gave me the chance to demonstrate.

CPG feedback - case study

Feedback on this exercise will help me improve my work performance.

CPG feedback - case study

What do candidates think of the CPG?

“I found the telephone feedback session really helpful.  It was helpful to have a week or so to reflect on my performance, read my feedback and gain some tips from the assessor for the future.  I have never done anything like this before and looking back have learned lots already”

“Prior to attending the CPG briefing, I was very much in the PQA frame of mind and attending the session showed that the CPG process has a more natural flow and thought process. I found the briefing session very informative and beneficial, also I found the CPG workbook useful for working through before the assessment”

“I found the feedback useful for identifying a blind spot that I scored low in”

“This was my first time attending a CPG event and I found that this was an excellent and very positive way to assess. This is in comparison to other assessments that I have attended such as the ADC and other in-house assessments for my previous brigade. It was extremely useful to have relatable material in the CPG, e.g., a fire service setting. Overall it was a really positive process”

What do Candidates think of the CPG system?

“The initial booking process from the very beginning, regarding the notice of interest, to booking the briefing session, to booking my assessments with VCA was very straightforward and user friendly”

“Good layout, easy to understand.”

“Very intuitive and easy to use”