When it comes to business, sustainability means operating in ways which actively limit negative impacts to both the environment and communities.

At VCA, we value sustainability. Our Career Progression Gateway system (CPG) streamlines the recruitment and selection processes while ensuring our methods are as environmentally friendly as possible. Updating our methods from face-to-face assessment to an online system guarantees accurate results while also fostering our commitment to sustainable principles.

Organisations are increasingly highlighting their focus on sustainability as a key issue. The UK Fire & Rescue Service incorporates sustainable development into its strategy and ethos. Aims include reducing waste and decreasing carbon emissions to benefit the environment, the economy and society in general.

VCA shares the same core values.

Our remote selection process guarantees greater efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint. Online procedures mean that our assessors don’t need to travel to client venues, therefore cutting emissions.

Avoiding paper-based exercises reduces detrimental impact to the environment by limiting waste. No printing is needed. It is quicker and easier for clients to set up and fewer physical resources are required, creating a more integrated and efficient system.

The CPG overcomes issues for organisations such as reduced staffing and limited budgets, while also benefitting society as a whole by supporting the campaign against climate change.

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