If you wish to assess different competencies or include additional criteria, set the exercises in a different context, use different types of exercises or commission exercises which are unique to your organisation, Bespoke Assessment design may also be right for you. Bespoke exercises take into account your culture, competencies and objectives.

We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to create robust simulation exercises to mirror the key aspects of your management roles.

Design fee
We design bespoke exercises where your organisation influences design and pays a one off single use fee. This works well if you have already used all of our existing tools and wish to commission new ones, or if you have specific preferences – a presentation instead of a roleplay, or a group discussion instead of a multiple roleplay for instance.

Fitting your needs
For a range of reasons organisations don’t always want to opt for full assessment activities. They may choose to use one or two job simulation exercises instead. These may be used in conjunction with existing processes like technical exams, psychometric tests or interviews. Job simulations usually focus on competencies, examining interpersonal skills and natural aptitudes.

Job simulation exercises can take the form of:

  • Role-plays
  • Group exercises
  • Written, in-basket or case study exercises
  • Analysis exercises
  • Presentations
  • Another type of exercise which is growing in popularity is the Situational or Managerial judgement Test (SJT or MJT).

Working in partnership with you
We work in partnership with FRS organisations from the research to final testing phases to ensure our exercises are what you need- realistic, relevant and fit for purpose. We start by speaking to your teams via job analysis interviews; the end result is a suite of bespoke exercises of your preference, often in a FRS context (although not exclusively).

Single exercises
We provide exercises either in combination as full assessment or development activities, or to ‘stand-alone’. Single exercises can be useful if you are looking to simply refresh one aspect of your assessment process, or if you are looking for one additional element to supplement an existing testing method.

Have you considered an online assessment?

Using assessors remotely and managing your assessments online is the best way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and streamline processes.
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