Starting January back in national lockdown was surely not on anyone’s New Year agenda, having ridden the storm so stoically throughout 2020.

For HR/ OD managers in the emergency services the situation will be bringing a fresh set of headaches. For many Services, having made difficult decisions to postpone recruitment or put promotion/ development activity on hold, the need to fill vacancies, review temporary appointments and look ahead to recruiting essential personnel will only become more pressing as the weeks progress.

It is difficult to know how long the current situation will persist, and if we’ve learnt anything from the last 12 months, optimistic forecasts can’t be relied upon. So if we don’t know how much longer we must wait, and the waiting itself won’t be feasible long-term, what is the solution?

Embracing opportunities for change

You don’t have to look far to find examples of organisations large and small embracing change in response to current challenges and ongoing restrictions. From training providers moving courses on-line to events planners creating virtual entertainment activities, the need for change has created opportunities to innovate which will continue to feature long after the pandemic has passed. There will be plenty of examples from within your own organisation, and even your home life.

So how can you manage your selection and promotion activity?

When you have more than enough to do already, the thought of overhauling how you promote your managers may be an unappealing prospect. However, it doesn’t have to be. What if there was a solution that would allow you to deliver the results you need more efficiently, more cost-effectively and more robustly than ever before? With a lot less effort, far fewer staff resources and much less organisational impact?

The CPG, our online assessment system, using FRS context activities and remotely assessed by professional assessors, will handle ALL of the following for you:

  • Pre-assessment candidate preparation (resources and online workshop)

  • Timetabling

  • Exercise administration

  • Exercise content

  • Timing

  • Roleplaying

  • Assessing

  • Result report

  • Behavioural feedback

  • Developmental planning guidance

  • Development coaching

  • User experience feedback

All you need to do is:

  • Advertise/ short-list as normal

  • Invite candidates to the online briefing workshop

  • Send booking form links out

  • Provide us with a contact from your IT team

  • Have an administrator to log candidates in

  • Apply our social distancing checklist (where relevant)

  • Inform candidates of their results and issue feedback reports

  • Invite candidates to their feedback session (if applicable)

Next steps

It still might seem like a big step, in addition to everything else you are juggling. So here’s how we can make it easier.

Simply complete our contact form requesting a ‘CPG virtual tour’. We will set up a 20-minute meeting to show you around the FRS Career Progression Gateway system, with myself as the content designer and Chris Alford, the system developer, there to answer all of your questions.

From there, we can assess, for free, two candidates from your organisation (new clients only), providing all resources required and offering a full service from candidate preparation through to a coaching feedback call. This option can work well if you have a specialist role you wish to recruit for, or you have managers you could offer it to as a development opportunity.

After that, it’s up to you to decide whether this solution would work for you. There’s no obligation to use our services further, but we hope you are able to take a look to see if it might offer just the support you need. If you do wish to go ahead, it’s as simple as identifying the service you need, deciding on dates…and off we go. You’ll be surprised by how easy it can be.

We are all learning that sometimes the best way to navigate the present dynamic circumstances is by embracing change. And even better when the opportunity to take this route will be supported every step of the way. Could this be the right time to give it a try?