With the impacts of Coronavirus stretching into an uncertain future, adaptability is key for any businesses. The management of recruitment or promotion processes may not have been an immediate priority, however it will be back on the radar for many before too long.

With social distancing a reality of day-to-day life, the launch last year of The Career Progression Gateway (CPG) as an online assessment tool could not have been better timed. Designed to evaluate candidate performance through written and telephone exercises, the CPG not only removes the need for face-to-face contact with assessors but also dramatically reduces interaction with internal administrators.

Whether used as an online platform allowing clients to use their own materials and assessors, or a whole system with access to bespoke exercises and highly-trained occupational psychologists, the CPG is well-equipped to handle every aspect of the talent selection process.

Key Features of the CPG

The CPG uses written case studies and telephone role-play exercises to evaluate candidates.

The case study presents the candidate with a fictitious scenario in which they are given information and guidelines on management tasks relevant to the level of role they are applying for. Responses to the issues raised are typed into on-screen boxes and saved to the system for assessors to mark on completion.

The role play involves a telephone conversation between the candidate and an assessor. The candidate will be given a selection of materials and a situation to explore and resolve. The assessor will have a script to refer to and will take notes of the interaction for later scoring.

Both exercises are accessed by logging in to the CPG personal gateway screen.


Automatic reports are generated, providing organisations with fast access to a spreadsheet of scores.

A detailed psychological evaluation of strengths and developmental needs is also generated, and offers useful feedback and additional suggestions aimed at improving performance.

Benefits of Online Assessment

  • Easy to use: The CPG is simple for HR staff to implement and deliver, and its user-friendly interface allows candidates to quickly understand and complete relevant tasks.
  • Resource Effective: With the current climate of uncertainty and the need to limit face-to-face interaction, the CPG reduces both the costs and personnel required to manage the talent selection process.
  • Convenient: Assessment can take place anywhere, at any time. The ability to access and complete tasks remotely streamlines the evaluation process and averts any issues related to travel limitations or the need to self-isolate.

More Information

Building a team of the right managers and future leaders is essential to growing a successful business. Efficient and consistent assessment procedures are required to source the best talent for your team and the CPG delivers these in a valid, convenient and cost-effective way.

Learn more about our Career Progression Gateway here.