When a candidate attends an assessment centre or completes job simulation exercises they are usually evaluated by a number of individuals, against a number of criteria, often in a number of different situations.

They spend the day demonstrating a huge amount of evidence about their work-place potential.

For assessments which are attended by in-house staff, this information is incredibly valuable. It can tell you where there are key weaknesses in your organisation, and it can help you work out a development plan to improve the performance of your team.

What’s the biggest mistake….?
Over and over organisations fail to capitalise on the information at their fingertips. Shortage of time can mean that performance is reduced simply to the scores- and what these actually represent can be overlooked.

New techniques in performance reporting
We have developed a simple but highly effective way of making sure this waste of info does not happen in your organisation. We have a unique way of drawing all this information together and making it useable. We don’t produce meaningless, generic performance reports.

Our psychologists look for patterns in behaviour and suggest the best courses of action to address these. We focus on strengths and how these can be used to maximise performance, as well as analysing development areas and suggesting how these can be improved. We give you a road map to move your staff towards much better performance. And if you aren’t sure if your line managers will quite know what to do with this information, don’t worry, we can train them too.