Most organisations are clued up about the benefits of an Assessment and Development Centre in terms of validity of results and comprehensiveness of assessment. What many baulk at is the costs.

It stands to reason that to run an ADC you need to purchase the exercises and assessor and role-player time.

It’s the hidden costs that can add up, and in some cases, make running an ADC prohibitive. These can include:

  • Administration time
  • Venue
  • Travel and accommodation expenses
  • Printing and materials

These can add 25% or more to a project invoice. We have come up with an option to remedy this problem which is remarkably simple to use, perfectly streamlined and highly cost effective.

Step 1 – On-line in-box exercise

Candidates are set up with a computer to sit the test. The inbox task will be presented online and they type their answers directly into a response box. If your candidates are happier with a paper version of the inbox they can have this printed out, or otherwise simply move between screens on their PC/ laptop.

You may wish to have invigilators to oversee candidates during the exercise. If anyone is not confident in their typing speed they can opt to hand-write their answers. You would then need to scan and email the response to us at the end of the testing session. The on-line responses will be automatically submitted to our assessors for marking.

The on-line inbox will save you administration and printing time and are favourably received by candidates who like the realism and simplicity of this system.

Step 2 – Online one to one role-play exercise

Instructions and timings can be managed via the online system for the candidate to read and prepare under exam conditions. The candidate needs to be set up in a quiet room with a PC and after the allocated preparation time would receive a call from a role-player, situated remotely, who would respond to the candidate based on a script, as per any usual role-play scenario.

The interaction will take place over the phone/ PC based system (according to client preference and other considerations such as internet speeds). The role-play will be recorded and submitted for an assessor to evaluate in the normal way, only remotely.

Step 3 – Online multiple role-play/ presentation and meeting exercise

The Online ADC system can be adapted for a range of exercises. A multiple role-play or meeting exercise can be managed via skype or conference call. A presentation can be delivered via Skype (or alternative) or over the phone if the exercises requires a one to one briefing format. Performance is recorded and remotely evaluated by our occupational psychologist assessment team.

Other benefits

Timetabling is much more straightforward when you don’t need all candidates to attend the same venue at the same time. You may choose for candidates to sit the exercises over a number of days. providing they won’t be disturbed and a manager can oversee them, they can even complete the exercises from their usual work location.

Candidate experience is improved because there can be much less waiting around time. They can complete their inbox exercise at a time that suits them and complete different tasks on different days if they wish (candidates can be given choice with pre-booked ‘slots’ with the role-play team).

Disruptions are reduced with the assessments being scheduled to fit around normal work requirements and staff availability.

Remote team workers means they provide their own teas, coffees and lunches!

Results and evaluations are all taken care of off-site, so no worries about confidential materials or in-house staff having to find time to contribute to assessments. Overall results will be returned within a week of the last assessment, with supporting evaluation statements for all scores provided and developmental feedback reports for each candidate as required.

For more information and to book a virtual visit to our Online ADC send us a message now.