How to help candidates who struggle with the CPG

The Career Progression Gateway– the most up-to-date assessment of behaviours available for FRS promotions, offers a fair and accurate reflection of an individual’s job-relevant approach. This means we can evaluate how closely the candidate’s behaviour matches the FRS values, standards and leadership qualities, and therefore make the best promotional decisions for the organisation and its teams. But what happens if certain individuals aren’t managing the assessment exercises well? What if they aren’t demonstrating the behaviours effectively, not because these aren’t the approaches they usually apply in the workplace, but because they aren’t using the opportunity provided in the CPG to present evidence in a way which demonstrates their full potential?

Important to remember is that CPG candidates do have access to VCA’s e-learning course prior to assessment. This 9-module on-line course covers what is expected from the two assessment exercises (written case study and video roleplay), tips for completing the exercises, discussions on the leadership qualities and what they mean in practice… a broad range of tasks, features and quizzes. It was designed specifically to help candidates deliver their very best performance for their promotional assessment

Another key factor is that this is why we strongly recommend the use of BOTH exercises for the CPG, which allows candidates to pick up scores in one exercise where they might struggle more in the other.

But still, some candidates still have difficulty showing what they can do, which isn’t the best outcome for the individual or the organisation. The reasons for this might be:

  • Neuro-diversity
    There are various reasonable adjustment options available, from extra time to changes to text layout or text to speech functions, and plenty of format, background and text change options. We work with the FRS and individuals on a case-by-case basis to make sure the exercises work best to their requirements. Not all candidates wish to identify any additional needs, and some text and format functions are available within the system for all candidates to access without needing to ask.
  • New process/ lack of familiarity with the exercises
    This is where candidates are strongly recommended to commit to working through the e-learning course. Internal teams can also take advantage of the free PowerPoint presentation we provide to run internal briefing/ Q&A sessions, or VCA can run these sessions via MS Teams to explain the CPG and answer questions (this was provided for the 2023 Direct Entry candidates).
  • Slow reading/ typing
    There is the option for candidates to hand-write their case study which internal admin would then type up and submit for them. Slower reading is not uncommon, but daily reading practice is very effective, and if timed, can show positive results quite quickly.
  • Difficulty working with written information/ presenting evidence effectively
    If neuro-diversity isn’t the issue, then this is a skill which can be improved through practical exercises and coaching.

How we can help

Based on the areas which candidates most commonly have difficulties, we have designed a series of workshops for individuals from any FRS (including on-call, control and support staff) to access as part of their on-going development programme. These workshops are aimed at candidates who have completed a CPG and not been successful, and who are keen to learn techniques and skills related to the Leadership Qualities which will positively impact their performance at work, and translate to improved CPG performance.

Leadership Quality Skills Workshops 2024

Case Study Skills

How to evaluate information and present solutions effectively

Crew and Watch Managers/ Station and Group Managers

A 2.5 hour interactive workshop including; using information- what to look for; tips to presenting information in different formats; key problems and how to overcome them; examples of effective and less effective responses; discussion groups to critique sample answers; relevance to the workplace and how to increase your impact.

Working with Teams

Demonstrating Outstanding Leadership in the CPG and beyond

Crew and Watch Managers/ Station and Group Managers

A practical and interactive 2.5 hour workshop to explore tips, techniques and approaches to demonstrating effective leadership and team management behaviours in the workplace, translating these to effective assessment performance.

Making Organisational Effectiveness Relevant

Behaviours for the next role up

Crew and Watch Managers/ Station and Group Managers

A discussion and practical-based workshop examining how organisational effectiveness can be developed within the role, and how to demonstrate these behaviours in roleplay and written scenarios

CPG and Leadership Quality Skills for Strategic Managers

Leadership qualities in theory and practice

A discussion and practice based workshop exploring the skills needed for strategic positions, and how to effectively showcase them in assessment scenarios.

June to December 2024 TBC

How to book

Simply contact us here to reserve your space or book spaces for your candidates. The cost is £95pp +VAT. Spaces are limited to up to 10 people per course. Dates to be confirmed based on demand.